Exclusive Interview with Kieth Villa creator of Blue Moon about his brand New Cannabis Infused THC Beer

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Exclusive Interview with Kieth Villa creator of Blue Moon about his brand New Cannabis Infused THC Beer

Keith Villa may be the godfather and creator associated with the Blue that is world-renowned Moon alcohol. In 2018 he retired from MillerCoors after 32 years of service januaryto pursue a type that is new of possibility. Keith, together with his spouse, Jodi, developed CERIA BEVERAGES, with Jodi as CEO and Keith as brewmaster, which aims to focus on the Craft Beer Cannabis Industry. They plan to introduce three art beers that are non-alcoholic each with different amounts of THC that give a buzz that is different from the beer.

After closing your illustrious job at Coors, with all the fat of just one of the world’s many craft that is famous behind you, just how did the concept come about for a THC-Infused alcohol?

Whenever marijuana became appropriate in Colorado we began recipes that are creating my own house to my time that is own see whether this newly-legalized substance could complement the social usage of beer. […]

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